The Diamond Reef Explorers create autonomous underwater vehicles for the purpose of exploring the waters surrounding New York City.

Diamond Reef was a natural reef structure that lied at the entrance of the East River between Governor's Island and Downtown Manhattan. Deemed a hazard to the bustling NYC shipping industry, the city commissioned Julius H Kroehl and Peter V Husted to remove the reef in 1855. A German-American engineer and inventor living on Broad Street, Kroehl invented and built the first submarine able to dive and resurface on its own, the Sub Marine Explorer. Drawing on the namesake of the area of the sea most familiar to Kroehl, we aim to create our own submarine to explore some of the very same areas, introducing to the AUV community novel methods and technology along the way.

We welcome all to contribute to the project. Most any skill is useful in its own way, so yours need not be technical. Come hang out at one of our monthly meetups, or contribute from afar. Check out all of our links to the world in the footer, including out Github repo, which has instructions to set up a dev environment.